About Blake Investment Properties

Blake Investment Properties is a small business that was started with young person of color name Christopher Pickett. His vision to express and expand the community went further than his dreams can see.  Decide to partner with a colleage of his name Abisade Adepoju, a great plier in Photography/Real Estate in the DMV area. From there the SKY is the limit.  Blake Investment Properties buys property all over the dmv. In the real estate field, you tend to run into many different avenues of struggling credit situations. At Blake Investment Properties we like to eliminate financal obstacles and create financal freedom with our CREDIT REPAIR services. Ask about the FREE CREDIT CONSULTATION or CA$H OFFER!!

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Striving daily to push innovation into our low income, low budget, low opportunity communities to create better living for all generations. Living in comfortability and affordable communities empowers the future. Pushing Innovation you notice the importance of credit in so many different levels. Blake Investment Properties also OFFER CREDIT REPAIR with a FREE CREDIT consultation. We strive for financial freedom in all communities today. Inqurie about our FREE CREDIT consultation or CA$H OFFER Today!!! 

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